Semanta Modeler


Semanta Modeler - A Business Data Modeling solution

The basic concept is to only support a strict object hierarchical notation. This means that objects that refer to other objects are in a higher hierarchy than objects that are being referred. Because of this hierarchical notation there are very little symbols needed to depict the objects in a data model with their respective relations, which makes the model intuitive and understandable, also for non IT specialists.

Other strong parts of the concept are notations for inheritance, grouping of inheritors (adjunct and disjunct) and multi-inheritance, all positioned graphically with respect of their hierarchical relation.

These features enable the user to create data models, which describe the full semantic conceptual scope of IT systems of any organization.

For productivity reasons a number of database scripting export features are supported to enable the user to put their models to work (Oracle, SQLServer, etc)